The Cure

To cull the spirit of the lycan from a soule is to invoke thee powers most deadly. The soule itself is touched by thy taint of corruption and evile and ye must draw the veil of the Abyss itself close to tearing, for the Abyss will consumed the lycan soule to create more spawns of the Endless Depths.

To performe ye such a task ye must find the ground upon which the soule was first touched by the lycan. Through the palm of the hands and the ankle of the legs thou must drive spikes of eleven inches in such a manner: the right palm must be a spike of silver, for it will release the hold of the lycan on the soule; the left palm must be a fresh cut wooden stake of an oak tree, the closer to the ritual site the better, for Gozreh the Ancient’s blessing is needed; through thine victim’s ankles thou must drive spikes made of the leg bones of the lycan from who the curse came. Silver and oak can be used if needed, but the gods will not favour thine’s chances.

To perform the ritual, thou must be a chosen of the gods and granted some measure of their heavenly powr and be able to lift a curse from a soule, either through gifted abilities or the use of majikal tools.

Prepare the victim as told and ready thineself for the ritual. While pulling on thine’s connections to the divine, stand over the victim and focus not on him, but on the soule so captured by the lycan. Find the lycan and drive it forth with these words of arcanity:

“Ar fud an domhain ar oscailt don dorchadas, glaoigh ar an doimhneacht deireadh níos lú mé dhuit. Bhriseadh na slabhraí an idirscartha, a chur ar an anam an diabhal agus é a ithe chun beatha do ocras riamh dar críoch.”

Continue repeating this invokation until the victim drives off the lycan or his soule is taken forever to the Endless Depths. One of the two must be taken by the demon realm, else the lords of that realm will be displeased.

Be wary for thine work may well pull from the Endless Depths creatures of evile seeking a way to violate the world of man. They will strive to destroy you to stay in this world. Should they keep you from your magics, the ritual will surely fail.

The Cure

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