Carrion Crown by Kelly

Deeper into Vilrych

From July 5, 2016

The party worked together to split up the crag linnorm’s treasure. We decided to bury the coin at the edge of the forest so that the Knights of Ozem could find it later and add it to their coffers, assuming the party would have no use for it after battling the Whispering Way. We left a marker and used Blodwin’s sending spell to point the right direction to the Watcher Lord.

As we emerged from the trees, the sound of battle was heard. A group of 3 Knights of Ozem were fighting off 2 dullahans. One dullahan plus the mounts of all of the knights had already fallen. (I think 2 knights plus 1 dullahan already lay dead. Correct me if I am wrong).

A quick battle ensued and the dullahans were no match, especially with Cy charging one of them and jumping into has saddle with him. This gave us time to speak to the knights. They were dispatched by The Watcher Lord of Vigil (Ulthun II) to find us. The old Varisian woman we freed from the possession of the leukodaemon a few days before had sent a reward in the form of 1 harrow card each to be used in the most dire of situations.

We attempted to assist the knights in carrying their fallen comrades, but they declined, saying the men died while performing their duties. We then moved up the road with haste, trying to reach Witherleaf. At camp the first night, a foul red mist descended upon our camp. Almost too late, we realized it was some sort of parasitic or vampiric cloud. Blodwin, thinking quickly, used his elemental gem of air to conjure an air elemental after Cy employed his handy Migo Mist Projector to freeze much of the cloud in place. The freezing mist from beyond and the nimble air elemental were able to easily destroy the sanguinary mist in seconds, but none too soon for our helpless mounts.

As we reached the outskirts of Witherleaf, Ahrokma made Cy invisible to scout the place out using the broom of flying. The Tiefling saw no life within the town. There was only corpses remaining from the lost Varisian caravan. We all joined the search and noted the dead were slain by a combination of flame and negative energy. Our thoughts immediately went to Adrissant’s skeletal dragon mount. Some huge footprints only confirmed it. Blodwin questioned one of the dead while others swept the grounds for clues. Stefan then recanted a tale from his studies of a creature called a Ravener…an undead dragon of sorts. Putting all this information together, we could only arrive at the conclusion that Tar Baphon’s mount – Marrowgarth – a red dragon – had been converted to a Ravener by the Whispering Way and that we would soon face it in battle.

This creature is known to be deadly. It is resistant to positive energy and spells and most physical damage. Two things Blodwin took note of: The ravener is susceptible to cold damage and good-aligned weapons. These were information that the gnome hoped he could work with – but they must not be taken by surprise before midnight if possible. He would need time to prepare and pray to the Lost Prince for guidance.

As we concluded the investigation of Witherleaf, a great dust storm blew in from the north. This type of storm was known to occur more frequently in desert terrain, but it was here nonetheless! Each of us ran for cover and Ahrokma in particular took great care to save the mounts, which he did just in time! We all clustered in one of the town’s barrows to wait the storm out. During that time, one of us noted that these storms themselves could suffocate a poor soul, but they were also known for the nasty creatures that sometimes followed to clean up the incapacitated. Sure enough, lightning elementals came through, but by attempting to demonstrate our lack of desire for combat, they left us be. The same could not be said for the troupe of mummies that also arrived. Our party was accustomed to such things, though…and it was them that were destroyed and left within the great blanket of dust that the storm left behind.


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