Varrik is a strong Kellid warrior, raised in the Realm of the Mammoth Lords.


neutral male human (kellid) ranger 6
init +3; senses perception +11 (vs human or in forest +13, vs undead +15)
harrow cards the foreign trader, the theater


ac 20, touch 14, flat-footed 17 (armor +6, dex +3, deflection +1)
hp 50/58
fort +7, ref +8, will +4
defensive abilities +1 trait bonus on saving throws vs arcane spells, +2 bonus on saving throws vs death effects
weakness +1 damage from cold iron weapons


speed 30 ft.
standard attacks

Headsman’s Axe (+1 great axe) +11/+6 (1d12+13, x3) +13/+8 (1d12+15, x3) +15/+10 (1d12+17, x3)
Lopper’s Hand Axe (+1 hand axe) +11/+6 (1d6+9, x3) +13/+8 (1d6+12, x3) +15/+10 (1d6+14, x3)
Morningstar +10/+5 (1d8+12, x2) +12/+7 (1d8+15, x2) +14/+9 (1d8+17, x2)
Sap +10/+5 (1d6+8, x2)
Long Bow +9/+4 (1d8, x3) +11/+6 (1d8+3, x3) +13/+8 (1d8+5, x3)

special attacks/abilities/items


str 18, dex 16, con 15, int 14, wis 14, cha 11
base atk +6; cmb +11, cmd 24
feats boon companion, cleave, endurance, fey foundling, furious focus, great cleave, power attack, skill focus (survival)
core skills handle animal +9, heal +11, intimidate +9, knowledge (geography) +11 (in forest +13), knowledge (nature) +11, stealth +12 (in forest +14), survival +14 (in forest +16)
derived skills knowledge (undead) +6, track +17 (vs human or in forest +19, vs undead +21), wild empathy +6
languages common, giant, hallit, sylvan
sq track, wild empathy, favored enemy (undead +4, humans +2)
traits subject of study (undead), superstitious

backpack compass, flask (2), flint & steel, harrow deck, lamp oil (3), magnet, torch (5), trail rations (5), holy water, sunrod, potion of cure light wounds, haunt siphon
gear carried +1 greataxe, bear trap (3)
gear worn backpack, blanket, longbow, morningstar, quiver with arrows (19), sap, ring of protection +1, masterwork chainmail, silk rope, waterskin, bloody handaxe (lopper), rosewood box, 2060gp


Cursed with lycanthropy on Calistril 23, 4712
Lycanthropy cured on Pharast 22, 4712

Fey Foundling (feat, Inner Sea World Guide p.286)

You were found in the wilds as a child, bearing a mark of the First World.
Prerequisites: You may only select this feat at 1st level.
Benefit: Your strange connection to the First World and the fey infuses you with life, and whenever you receive magical healing, you heal an additional 2 points per die rolled. You gain a +2 bonus on all saving throws against death effects. Unfortunately, you also suffer +1 point of damage from cold iron weapons (although you can wield cold iron weapons without significant discomfort).

Subject of Study (campaign trait [abridged], Carrion Crown Player’s Guide p.12)

Years of study have improved your combat effectiveness against your chosen foe. Choose a non-humanoid creature type (and subtype if outsider). You gain a +1 bonus on damage rolls against creatures of this type. See the ranger favored enemy suggestions for a list of creature types most likely to appear in this campaign.

Superstitious (racial trait, Humans of Golarion p.31)

You have a healthy fear of sorcerers’ speech and wizards’ words that has helped you to survive their charms. You gain a +1 trait bonus on saving throws against arcane spells.

The Beast Within (campaign reward)

Aspects of the beast that once consumed you linger on… once per day Varrik can recall the toughened hide of this lycan form, giving himself damage reduction/silver equal to 1/2 his character level for four rounds. This is a swift action and supernatural ability that does not provoke an attack of opportunity. At 10th level and every five levels thereafter he can do it one additional time per day.

neutral female firepelt (small cat, cheetah)
init +5; senses low-light vision, scent, perception +1


ac 21, touch 18, flat-footed 13 (natural armor +5, dex +5, dodge +1)
hp 47
fort +7, ref +10, will +3 (+4 vs enchantment)
defensive abilities evasion


speed 50 ft.
standard attacks

  • bite +8 (1d6+4+trip, x2)
  • claws +8/+8 (1d3+4, x2)
  • sprint – once an hour, Panar can move 10x her normal speed (500 ft) during a charge


str 19, dex 21, con 15, int 2, wis 12, cha 6
base atk +4; cmb +8, cmd 24 (28 vs overrun & trip)
feats dodge, mobility, spring attack
core skills stealth +11
languages none
sq link, share spells
tricks attack (2), come, defend, down, fetch, guard, heel, stay


Varrik is a large man, even among the barbarians of the North. His skin is tanned from exposure to the elements and heavily marked with the scars of a hard life, and his coal-black hair hangs long and tangled. Varrik’s scale armor is old and well-used, as is the iron morning star at his hip, yet both are as serviceable as the massive steel greateaxe he carries over his shoulders. His most notable features are his brilliant emerald green eyes, which are virtually unheard of among his fellow Kellid, and the blindfolded infant skull that hangs at his hip.


Camped near the Shudderwood in Lozeri, Varrik was tending to deep slashes across his left thigh and forearm when approached by Professor Lorrimor and a pair of guides. Varrik might have refused the old man had he asked to share his camp, but Lorrimor made himself comfortable and began asking questions about Verrik’s past, his wounds, his skills, and finally his startling eyes. Varrik was in no mood to discuss such things, but Lorrimor was charismatic and earnest in his inquiries; the wayward ranger soon found himself explaining his life in the north and his reasons for wandering the lands so far from home.

Having stopped the bleeding and done his best to suture his wounds, Varrik went on to describe his hatred of that which defiles the natural order, most especially the walking dead. His experiences with the undead had been limited to the mindless skeletons and zombies that stalk in crypts and caverns until he was ambushed by a pair of ghouls in the nearby Shudderwood. It was those monsters that wounded him so badly, and Varrik was forced to retreat into the open where he would rest and prepare to hunt them down.

Lorrimor told Varrik what he knew of ghouls and other lifeless creatures, describing behaviors, origins, and possible weaknesses. In exchange, he asked that Varrik agree to come to his home at some point in the future so he could perform a study of Varrik’s fey-like eyes. The ranger agreed that the trade was well worth it, but word of Lorrimor’s death means that Varrik may never be able honor his agreement.


Many years ago, a Kellid hunter travelling through the Shudderwood forest stumbled upon a dead woman. The woman had been mauled horribly, but her clothing and coloring marked her as a fellow Kellid of the North. The hunter looked for signs of the woman’s killer, but found only the savaged remains of an infant boy nearby. With a sad heart, the hunter buried the woman and her son where he found them.

While preparing to leave the site and make his way home to the Realm of the Mammoth Lords, a faint sound held the hunter in check: a baby’s laughter. Sprinting deeper into the forest, the hunter found another infant child resting on a bed of brown pine needles and trampled grass. This boy looked much like the one recently buried less than 50 feet away, but his eyes were a startling shade of emerald green… an eye color unheard of in the northern lands. Not knowing of any villages nearby, the hunter decided to take the child with him to his homelands.

The boy grew strong over the years, the image of a proud Kellid warrior, but the strange color of Varrik’s eyes always set him apart from his fellow clansmen. He likewise felt distant from his people, preferring to spend his time amongst the flora and fauna of his harsh home. The only exception was Nonek, the hunter that found him as a child and raised him as his own; Varrik often listened to Nonek’s tales of the greatest hunts and carefully observed every detail about how to survive in the harshest of lands. On Varrik’s namedays, Nonek would read the boy’s fortunes with an old Harrow deck he had found when he was a young man himself. Sometimes the cards spoke of trials or victories, or perhaps of true love, but the fortunes always urged Varrik to return to where his adventures truly began.

As the years passed, the boy became a man and tested himself again and again against the hardships of his people. He bore many scars across his body, marking him as a man of honor and skill, yet still he walked apart from the others in his clan. His youth now a fading memory, Varrik took no wife, instead staying by Nonek’s side as old age bent his adopted father. It was in the dying hunter’s last days that he finally shared the complete story of how he found Varrik in the cursed forest and buried the boy’s family, and in his final moments, Nonek pushed the old Harrow deck into Varrik’s hands. After life left the old man, Varrik packed his weapons and gear and left the only home he’d ever known.

Many weeks and miles later, Varrik stood at the makeshift grave in the Shudderwood. A small village had grown near it in the years since he was found, as had the number of gravestones among his family’s own. As he approached, there were men from the village roughly exhuming bones from their resting places in the area and smashing them with maces and clubs. A wise man met him at the edge of the graves and told Varrik a tale of the dead rising to walk the land and murder the living, and this was the only way they could save themselves from further horrors. Varrik offered to help and, having received a grateful nod, made his way to the back where he found the grave marker Nonek had described.

Looking at the torn earth and skeletal footprints, it was obvious to Varrik that something had crawled out of the ground where his mother was once buried. He braced himself for the horror and sadness that he would surely feel, but it never came. He was filled some something colder and calmer… a void where nothing could exist but hatred. The thought of something so unnatural walking the lands made him want to kill everyone around him, if only to let him hate these abominations in silence and solitude.

After taking a long drink from his waterskin, Varrik mechanically began digging where his brother was buried until he had the infant skull in his hands. It had been a long time since he watched Nonek making a ward against evil, but Varrik did his best to adhere to the process, at least in spirit. He took a black cloth from his backpack and blindfolded his brother’s skull, then used a strip torn from his blanket to fashion the intricate knots and wrappings that would hold the skull to his hip.

Satisfied with his ward, he smashed the rest of his brother’s body with his morningstar and looked again at the tracks that could only be left by his mother. Without a glance for all the men who had watched in silence as he worked, Varrik began tracking the monster that birthed him and it was leading him straight into the heard of Ustalav.


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