Malag’aghar is a half-elf getting close to his middle years. His hair is completely white, kept long and pulled back, and his eyes are a very light blue. He wears simple, dark clothing covered with a thick, black, wolf fur-lined cloak, almost always with the hood up to shield his sensitive eyes. Hidden in his sleeve is a black wand trimmed in silver.

chaotic neutral male half-elf bonded witch (deception) 7
init +2; senses darkvision 60 ft, perception +14; +2 in dim light


ac 14, touch 14, flat-footed 10 (dex +2, armor +2)
hp 31 [24]
fort +2, ref +3, will +7; +2 vs. enchantment
immune sleep
weakness light blindness


speed 30 ft.
melee touch attack +1; +3 with spectral hand, range of 170ft
ranged ranged touch attack +5

spell-like abilities (CL 6th)

  • constant detect magic (free action to “use”)
  • at will – dancing lights, deeper darkness, faerie fire, feather fall, levitate

spells stored in bonded wand (CL 6th)

  • cantrips (4 at will) – arcane mark*, mending*, message*, putrefy food and drink, read magic*, spark, stabilize
  • 1st level (6/day, DC 17) – charm person*, comprehend languages*, identify*, lock gaze, mask dweomer, mount**, peace bond, sow thought, ventriloquism, vocal alteration*, whispering lore
  • 2nd level (5/day, DC 18) – blindness/deafness**, detect thoughts, eldritch conduit, invisibility**, see invisibility*, share memory, spectral hand
  • 3rd level (3/day, DC 19) – bestow curse*, blink, fly*, lightning bolt, paragon surge, ray of exhaustion*
  • 4th level (2/day, DC 20) – dimension door**, secure shelter

bonus spells in bonded wand

  • 1/day (CL 7th) – magic missile or knock or fireball
  • 48 charges (CL 3rd) – spectral hand

hexes (DC 19)

  • cackle – move action, extend fortune by 1 round
  • fortune – roll twice, take better result
  • scar – can affect with hex at 1 mile (arlad, blodwyn, cy, stephan)
  • slumber – as Sleep, but single target, no HD limit

misc. special abilities

  • wand of spider climb, 24 charges


str 7, dex 14, con 10, int 22, wis 15, cha 13
base atk +3; cmb +1, cmd 10
feats half-drow paragon, drow nobility, improved drow nobility, greater drow nobility
core skills fly +12, knowledge(arcana) +16, knowledge(history) +16, knowledge(planes) +16, spellcraft +16, Use Magic Device +16
languages Elven, Common, Draconic, Giant, Gnoll, Goblinoid, Uncommon
sq drow blooded (alternate racial trait), drow magic (alternate racial trait)
traits dim seer, pragmatic activator (use INT for UMD)

gear headband of intellect +2, bonded wand (also a wand of Spectral Hand), wrist sheath, trail rations (7), dagger, 2810 gp (mixed coins and gems)


A young man awoke in a cave many years ago. His surroundings were unfamiliar… sparse items and the remains of a fire pit made it feel like it was someone’s home, but he didn’t know who lived there. He had no recollection of who he was, or where he had come from, or even what he was called. Panicked, he scrambled around in the darkness, looking for some indication of who he was, but all he found was a discarded cloak and what looked like a wand, although it had no magical properties that he could detect. Wrapped in the heavy black cloak, he moved to the fire pit and found that it was actually the remains of many burned books. Digging through the now cold ashes, he found part of the cover of a single book decorated with a name: Malag’aghar. With no other name to fall upon, he took to referring to himself with that name.

Loneliness crushed the young man, who had no clear indication of his age. Over time, his habit of talking to himself slowly transitioned into a habit of talking to the found wand, even associating with it a mischievous personality. He found himself remembering things, but without context; the way the outer planes interlocked and rotated like a cosmic clock; the dark history of Ustalav; the theories and practices of binding demons and angels. Yet for all this knowledge, no further clues to his identity or what happened to his memories.

With the “help” of his wand, he began to reconstruct what he believed were lessons in the arcane, although the results were not exactly in line with a collegiate wizard. He now wanders the region, studying where he can and helping where he must in a quest to find himself.


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