Arlad Holloway

Humble Bard of Andoran


Arlad color

Male Human(Andoran) Bard 7
init +2; senses perception +7

+1 Mithrel chain shirt, +1 light steel shield
ac 20, touch 13, flat-footed 17
hp 50
fort +4, ref +7, will +7
defensive abilities: Bards do not suffer spell failure from Light armor or shields


speed 30 ft.
standard attacks

1 silver Longsword: +9 to hit 1D82 Dmg 19-20×2
Short Bow: +7to hit 1d6 dmg x3
special attacks

HP: 50


Str 12, dex 14, con 12, int 12, wis 11, cha 25
base atk +3; cmb +4, cmd 16

Magic Items:
stone of alarm
wand of cure light wounds (5 charges)
wand of acid arrow (18 charges) DC 20 to use
Amulet of charisma +2
slippers of feather step
+1 Mithrel Chain shirt

Core skills:
Bardic performance: Counter song,Distraction,Fascinate,Inspire courage
Bardic knowledge: 1/2 bard level to Knowledge skills (3)
Versatile performance: use preform bonus in place of Sence motive and spellcraft
Loremaster: can “take 10” on knowledge checks and once per day can take 20
Luck of the bold: +4 to a D20 roll once per day
Masterpiece: Quicken pulse

Languages: Common, Varisian, skald, azlanti

Additional traits: gain 2 additional traits
Skill focus: (perform) + 3 bonus to skill
Skill focus: (diplomacy) +3 bonus to skill
Iron Will: +2 bonus on Will saves
Extend spell (Metamagic) Dbl duration at +1 spell cost
spell focus: Evoction

Charming: +1 bluff and dipl. +1 dc for language dependent spells
Resilient: +1 trait bonus to fortitude saves
Historian: +1 knowledge history
Extremely fashionable: +1 trait bonus to bluff,diplomacy,intimidate
Inspired by Greatness: +1 caster level (Ear-Piercing Scream)

Spirit blessing granted 1 wisdom, Skill focus (diplomacy)
luck of the bold:
4 luck bonus to one d20 roll; once per day
Parade armor gives +2 bonus to bluff, diplomacy and intimidate when dealing with people
from homeland (Andoran)

Preform is Oritory(18) Procution(18)

0 Dancing light: create torches or other lights
0 Detect magic: detect spells and magic items 60ft
0 Message: whisper conversation at a distance
0 Resistance: subject gets +1 to saving throws
0 ghost sound: figment sound
0 summon instrument

1 Cure light wounds: cure 1d8 damage +1/per lvl
1 Ear-Piercing Scream: Deal sonic damage and daze target
1 Comprehend Languages: You understand all languages
1 Vanish: As invisibility for 1 round/level (5 max).
1 Feather Fall
1 Identify
1 Cord of shards

2 Gallant Inspiration: +2d4 on failed attack, skill check. INS!!
2 Suggestion: Compels subject to follow stated action.
2 Silence:
2 Glitter dust
2 Calm Emotion
2 Allegro

3 Thundering Drums
3 Witness


Tales of Arlad
The Early Years

Arlad grew up in the metropolis of Almas, the capital of Andoran. He live a pleasant childhood. Is father, Lucas Holloway, was a historian and scribe for the upper nobility, including General Reginald Cormoth himself. His mother, Bella Holloway, was a performer in the local opera, and well known throughout all of Andoran. Arlad was bullied a bit in his youth because neither his mother or father ever served in the military but he was resilient and it realized that most were just jealous of his status. Arlads favorite pass time was sitting in his fathers shop listening to his fathers story’s of the past, “old Lucas” could weave some of the best tales. Some of his favorite tales were that of the peoples revolt, the Steel Falcons wars against slavery and, of course, the Shining crusade.

It was no secret that the Holloway family were some of the most talented bards in Almas and Arlad had little trouble finding his was down the same path. He shared his fathers thirst for knowledge, ability to weave a tale and skills as a historian . From his mother he inherited his charming good looks and like her became extremely fashionable. There was one problem though, his father was a skilled musician with the ability to play most any instrument and his mother was well known for her beauty in the arts of singing and dancing. Arlad on the other-hand, had trouble with both. His singing was something only a dwarf could love and lets just say an ogre could probably keep a better beat than him. This did not stop Arlad he was determined. At 14 he got a job at the local opera where his mother was employed. Though skills as a singer were more than lacking he found a spot narrating for play such as “The Kobald’s Wish” ,“If Only I Were Not A Devil”and “ Cheliax, it Comes it Goes.” When Arlad reached the age of 16 he started working full time in his fathers shop as a scribe. During this time he would meet with nobles, or anyone that had the money for this sort of thing, and would write letters of particular importance. Though this he learned a great deal of knowledge about local situation, the odd ways of nobility, the teaching of the different religions, and even the art of arcana.

When Arlad became 18 he his father became ill, near death in-fact. This was very tough on the family but it also posed the problem that the nations general had lost his personal scribe. With his fathers wishes Arlad filled in and met with General Cormoth, the great leader of the famed Eagle Knights. For a month he worked for the General, working out battle plans and writing out orders to be sent to various posts . This was all very exciting to Alad. Learning the victory’s of the eagle knights and hearing the tales of valor that where happen on a daily basis. When his father finally regained his health young Arlad joined the malititia. It was common for one in Andoran to serve for two year and so Arlad did the.

His first station was in the small community of Sauerton, Far to the north of Almas. This was perfect for a young soldier like Arlad. Sauerton was infamous for its cheep wines and local taverns, Claude Brogen’s “The Drunken Dragon” being there personal favorite. He made fast friends other new soldiers. Kelderon Wellright, was a ranger from Falcon Hollow and a natural born leader. Dazrin Diamondew was a half-elf that had left the order of Iomadae, where he had trained as a paladin. Reasons he preferred to keep to himself, something to do with a lost love. Finally was Hagnog, a dim-witted dwarven cleric of Cayden Cailean. Often time you would have thought the dwarf was the famed drunken god himself.

The small band of troops were charged with the protection of Sauerton against the dwindling kobald threat known as the Bonebrow clan. As often as once a week the unorganized tribe would come down from there northern home of Mount Kia looking to grab a barrel or two of wine and maybe grab a sheep or two, but they were met in battle by the four soldiers of Andoran every time. It was on the field of battle that Arlad found his true calling. While Keld, Dazrin and Hagnog rushed the battlefield, Arlad would weave tales that inspired courage in his comrades. When the battle was done he would heal there wounds and tell tales of there victory’s back at the Drunken Dragon and all would rest well.

Arlad finished out his service along with his comrades but it was here that they split ways. Keld went back to his home in Falcon hollow, claims of evil in the Darkmoon Vale required his assistance. Hagnog said he was to return home to find a wife, but he was drunk at the time so who knows. Dazrin ventured out on his own, weather for atonement or just because the battle field was the only place he ever seemed happy, he never said. Arlad on the other hand decided this was his time to venture out into the world and learn the story’s of the world for himself. Inspired by greatness , Arlad decides to head to Ustalov to study under Professor Lorrimor. On the way to Arlad learns of the professors death and desides to head there to see the end of an epic tale.

Arlad has Sandy Shaged hair with a small tuft hair on his chin, Strikingly hansome features and blue eyes……… Arlads eyes were changed to a silvery color by Desna

Arlad loves a good tale, a beautiful woman and a good fight Arlad dislikes slavery, disrespectful people, disorginization, Kobalds

Arlad Holloway

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