Inquisitor of Iomedae


Ahrokma is taller than most, lean in muscle and quick on his feet. His dark hair is cut short along with the stubble of his face, and his dark brown eyes seem heavily lidded. Appearing to be unarmored, he commonly travels in one of the blood-red coats common in the service of Iomedae, clearly displaying the golden holy symbol hanging from his neck. The coat is covered in various places with pages from the Holy Book of Iomedae, pinned with wax seals. Visible only because his right sleeve is typically rolled up and pinned, he wears a pair of fine, falcon-themed bracers. Covering his hands are a pair of thick, fingerless leather gloves.

He appears to travel light, having only a small backpack for his personal belongings. He does wear a pair of quivers at his lower back, each packed with arrows, and a thick longbow stained almost black; the number of arrows he keeps is so large, he typically has roughly 50 tied in a bundle to the side of his backpack as well. At his hip is an elaborate longsword.

lawful good human inquisitor (preacher) of Iomedae (valor) 14
init +12; senses perception +24
harrow cards the rakshasa (LE book)


ac 26, touch 18, flat-footed 20 (dex +6, armor +5, deflection +2, natural +3)
hp 80
fort +16, ref +17, will +20
defensive abilities stalwart
immune fear


speed 30 ft.


bonus source duration/condition attk bonus dmg bonus status
item: bracers of the falcon always +1 competence common
judgement: destruction encounter +5 sacred common
judgement: justice encounter +3 sacred common
class: bane 15 rounds/day +2 +4d6+2
feat: deadly aim optional -3 +6 common
feat: point blank shot within 30 ft. +1 +1 common
feat: many shot optional none; additional damage roll common
feat: rapid shot optional -2 none; additional attack common
spell: divine favor 1 minute +4 luck [incl. trait bonus] +4 luck [incl. trait bonus]
spell: heroism 1 hour, 40 minutes +2 morale +2 morale common

special abilities

  • bane (17 rnds/day, swift action)
  • detect alignment (at will) – chaos, evil, good, or law
  • determination (5/day) – each is a free action and depends on line-of-sight/being heard
    • aggression – reroll attack roll before the results of the roll are revealed
    • defense – add a +4 insight bonus to ac against an attack as an immediate action
  • discern lies (13 rnds/day, immediate action, DC 18)
  • remove fear (7/day) – 10 minutes, +4 morale vs fear or suppressed effect for duration
  • judgement (5/day, swift action, lasts entire combat) – can choose any two judgments to use together

spells known

  • cantrips (at will, DC 14) – create water, detect magic, detect poison, light, read magic, stabilize
  • 1st level (6/day, DC 15) – bed of iron, divine favor, expeditious retreat, lend judgement, keep watch, true strike
  • 2nd level (6/day, DC 16) – cure moderate wounds, follow aura, invisibility, see invisibility
  • 3rd level (5/day, DC 17) – burst of speed, heroism, litany of righteousness, magic circle against evil, raven’s flight
  • 4th level (5/day, DC 18) – battlemind link, cure critical, freedom of movement, greater invisibility
  • 5th level (2/day, DC 19) – lend judgments, telepathic bond


str 14, dex 18 (22), con 10, int 12, wis 16 (18), cha 9
base atk +10; cmb +12, cmd 28
feats point-blank shot, precise shot, deadly aim, rapid shot, extended bane, many shot, clustered shots, target of opportunity
core skills knowledge(nature, planes, religion) +18 or (local, dungeoneering) +8; +4 when identifying weaknesses, sense motive +27, stealth +21, survival +27; +6 when tracking
languages common, celestial
sq heart of the wilderness (bonus to survival, con to stabilize)
traits chance savior, fate’s favored

gear worn or carried

magic items worn cost (gp) weight (lbs) notes
amulet of natural armor +3 0 natural armor bonus
bracers of falcon’s aim 4000 1 +3 perception, +1 ranged atks & threat range x2
composite longbow [+2 str] +3 18600 3
wand of cure moderate (31 charges)
dagger +2 2302 1 assassin’s 2-bladed dagger
headband of inspired wisdom +2 4000 1
belt of dexterity +4 16000 1
mithril chainshirt +1 2100 12.5 half weight, max dex bonus +6, no armor check penalty
ring of protection +2 2000 0 deflection bonus
ring of sustenance 2500 0 only require 2 hours of sleep, no food or water
cloak of resistance +3
mundane items worn cost (gp) weight (lbs) notes
gold holy symbol (iomedae) 100 1
masterwork longsword 315 4
quiver 1: 100 arrows 5 5
quiver 2: 20 cold iron arrows 41 3
quiver 2: 20 silver arrows 2 3
mundane items in backpack cost (gp) weight (lbs) notes
compass 10 0.5 +2 survival to avoid becoming lost
holy text in waterproof bag 15 3.5
maps of golarion 100 4 +1 survival to navigate in the wilderness
silk rope (50 ft) 10 5
star charts 200 0.5 k(geo) 20 for location/month, +2 survival at night
wineskin 5 4
gold 1,420.00 2 assorted coins and gems
grand total 54 lbs light = 58, medium = 116, heavy = 175

Born in Taldor to a respected knight, Ahrokma was still very young when a fever took his mother. With no desire to live in Taldor without his wife, Ahrokma’s father moved them north into Numeria, a land of barbarians and monsters, to help garrison Castle Urion. The Castle was ruled by knights dedicated to Iomedae and was the first stop for crusaders heading to Mendev, and so Ahrokma was saturated in the lore and practices of these holy warriors. By the time he was ten, the boy wanted nothing more than to feel “the calling” and join the crusaders as a Paladin of the Inheritor.

When not playing at being a paladin, Ahrokma helped hunt with his father, learning the skills of tracking, archery, and stealth. For years, he trained with bow and sword and studied the Inheritor’s holy texts, waiting for the day he would be blessed by Iomedae. He often talked with the passing warriors about their adventures and the histories of their orders, and was particularly fascinated with the stories of Shaen the Untouched, who charged into battle without any fear for her own safety, stunning the enemy and allowing her followers to surround them.

By the time he was seventeen, it was clear that Iomedae was not going to call him into service, and Ahrokma’s heart sank. In desperation, he decided to dedicate himself to even greater acts of service and departed, wishing his father the best. With renewed purpose, Ahrokma trekked west across Ustalav, using everything his father had taught him to avoid the roaming terrors of the land, and eventually came to Vigil, the capital fortress of Lastwall. Here, in a city ruled by duty and faith, he found the Cathedral of Sancta Iomedae and sought guidance.

Listening to the boy’s tale, an elderly priest nodded and explained in a firm tone that nothing could be done to force the Light of the Sword to name anyone for her service, yet perhaps the boy’s skills would not go to waste. Ahrokma followed the old man across the city to a plain-faced building with shuttered windows. Inside, the building was dimly lit like a tavern, and the faces of the men inside were hard and grim. Many were scarred and dirty, sharpening blades and discussing things in low whispers. The looks they gave Ahrokma when he entered made him shrink immediately, wanting only to go back the way he came.

“I have found you an apprentice,” the old man seemed to announce to no one in particular, “…he favors the bow.” The old man left without another word, patting Ahrokma on the shoulder as he passed. As he did so, a tall man in a blood-red coat approached and extended his hand.

“Welcome, boy,” the man said in a gruff voice. “We are all Inquisitors… the Holy Hunters of Iomedae. Are you ready to work?”

~ ~ ~

Years have passed, and Ahrokma has hunted across much of Northern Golarion. Returning to Vigil every few months, his last visit found a letter waiting for him; his good friend Lorrimor has passed, and Ahrokma had already missed the funeral. With haste, he departed once again for the town of Ravengro pay his respects. Upon arrival, however, he found stories that were almost unbelievable: the professor had been murdered, his friends had cleansed the prison of evil spirits, and they were now headed across Ustalav to fulfill the conditions of Lorrimor’s will. Tracking the group proved easier than expected, given the impact they had wherever they went. Trials and beasts, a tower and a hunting lodge, even a massive artifact… Ahrokma is getting closer every day.


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