Carrion Crown by Kelly

The Wagon and the Wolf

Ravengro Pre-game

Are they co-incidences or fate, these seemingly random events which dramatically shape the future? The hand of the gods at work perhaps? Or just unrelated events that when combined can topple empires?

It is one such series of events which bring you six to the same stretch of road on the same hour of the same day headed to the same funeral. What has brought you here so far and who are you?

(Player introductions)

The sun is slowly rising in the East, reluctant to share it’s warmth with Ustalav. A heavy mist covers the ground on this late-winter morning, giving the grass a frosty coat and coating your clothing with an uncomfortable sheen of chilled moisture.

(Perception Check, DC20)

A quarter mile off of the east side of the road, a Varisian wagon stands in a clearing, tilted at an odd angle. Your gut tells you something is amiss…

(Approaching w/i 200 feet)

The mule lies dead, a wolf is eating it’s entrails. At the back of the open wagon another wolf works at eating something. A loud human groan can be heard.

(Approaching w/i 100 feet)

The second wolf is feeding on the body of an old Varisian woman who is horrifically still alive. She is certainly on her way to death’s domain, but is painfully aware of the wolf eating her eviscerated body.

Madame Vassnio

(Post combat)

She still clings to life, although she is beyond the aide of any mortal.

“The hunter was taken. Save him and I will bless you for now and ever. (hack, cough) Beware the five who stir on the road ahead for the cells weaken even now.”


KellyO KellyO

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