Carrion Crown by Kelly

The Beast of Lepidstadt

AdventureLog Recap

The followers of the Professor headed to the university city of Lepidstadt to deliver the books to his old friends. There they met Judge Daramid, who asked them to look in to the case of the Beast of Lepidstadt, a recently captured creature of legend who was being charged with multiple crimes. The judge was concerned that due to the hatred of the Beast, it would not receive a fair trial, so she paid them to investigate the guilt of the creature.

The Beast, or as Blodwin named him, Fairweather, was an intelligent construct with a childlike demeanor. It was captured while stealing an artifact called the Seasage Effigy, an unremarkable item in the collection of the University of Lepidstadt. While investigating the crimes, the group found Fairweather to be innocent of all of them, including having been controlled by the Whispering Way to seal the Effigy for them. They found the home of Fairweather’s creator, the deposed Count’s Schloss Caromarc, had been converted by the Way in to a mess of traps and hazards designed to kill their pursuers.

Battling their way through the traps and monstrosities, they eventually found and rescued the Count from his prison atop his tower. He confided that the Whispering Way had used the Count’s devices to control Fairweather and break in to the University. They had left about a half of a day earlier heading south along the Old Forest Road, or Silent Path…


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