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The old stone ruin of Harrowstone lies quiet for the first time in decades. The work of a few old friends of Professor Lorrimore and the sacrifice of the ghost of Vesorianna have cleansed the evil from the old prison.

Kendra Lorrimore now sits quietly trying to decide if she should stay in Ravengro or move on to a more cosmopolitan home. Once a month has passed since the Professor’s funeral, the party will be free to leave to Ustalov to deliver the books for the final part of their reward.

Something lurks in the dark of the world. Ancient evils, misplaced terrors, nameless fears. These are not superstitions to the people of Ustalav, for they have lived the nightmare. They have thrown off the cloak of evil and are now striving to make a new, brighter future, but fate hates a dull story.

Evil again rises in Ustalov. Let us explore the shadows, secrets, and sublime terrors of the nation together starting in the quiet western county of Canterwall and it’s quiet town of Ravengro. Every tale starts with a beginning and the best start with a death; thus we shall begin at funeral of your friend, associate, or mentor Professor Petros Lorrimor.

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Carrion Crown by Kelly

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