Character Creation

Please refer to the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide for details on the area, theme, and class suggestions.

h2.Ability Scores


20 Point Buy per the standard Pathfinder rules


Roll 4d6, discard the lowest die result, and add the three remaining results together. Record this total and repeat the process until six numbers are generated. Generate three sets of six ability scores, choose the one you like best.

You must declare which option you are using before character generation. If you opt for Option Two, you cannot go back to Option One. Option Two may be done either through Secure Dice or in person in front of me. If you use Secure Dice any mistake calculations (such as accidentally doing 8d6 on one set) will cause that email to be disqualified.


Core races only, please.


Core and Base are allowed.

Starting Equipment

Starting gold is max for your class.


Please select one campaign trait to give you a basis for the campaign. You may select one additional trait from any other category.


Do what you want, give a few rules. Your character must be willing to work with others, has some regard for life and the safety of innocents, and is interested in going along with the Adventure Path. If you roll up an anti-social loner doesn’t give a shit about anyone else, then you are writing your way out of the campaign. If you can fit the above rules into a chaotic evil character, you are welcome to do it. Keep in mind, though, that there may be consequences…


Make sure you use the campaign trait. The adventure hook is that you know Professor Petros Lorrimor, so this needs to figure in your background. Do not, however, feel bound by the trait you’ve chosen. If you want to alter the circumstances a bit, that’s fine by me; have fun with it as long as the spirit or theme isn’t altered too far. In other words, no you cannot have spent the last ten years with Professor Lorrimor having cleansed an entire mountain chain of orcs. Remember he is a professor and you are first level.

Otherwise, I’m more concerned with your character’s personality than an eight-page history of his past and a full family tree. Considering the tightness of this adventure path, it is very unlikely that we’ll be visiting your home town to explore your past, so the effect of your past is more important than the facts of it. You are welcome to make up the facts of your past as we go along, anyway.

Character Creation

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