Ascanor Lodge

Estovion Lozarov – The Lodge Warden of Ascanor. Haughty and proper. While you were initially blocked access into the lodge by his top aide Belik, he later apologized: "Please do not hold the actions of my porter against him. The error in your improper greeting was entirely mine. I neglected to inform my staff of the open invitations I gave to the Order,” —he pauses here to wink—“and they did not recognize the reservations. Rest assured, however, that all of the lodge’s facilities are at your disposal, including our libraries. While the general library is down the hall, this one,” he says, gesturing at the book-filled shelves, “is likely better suited to your research.”

Duristan Silvio Ariesir – This nobleman is a self-styled werewolf hunter, but you quickly could see that he is more talk than skilled. He is fascinated by your skills and travels, which is quite a boon considering he is from one of the wealthiest families in Ardeal.

Delgros Kroitzcer – The surly huntmaster of Ascanor Lodge. He tolerates the nobles who want to go on hunts, but more for their coin that is involved than anything else. His gruff appearance seems a bit cultivated to attract the nobles and their coin, but there is no denying that he seems to be a very skilled hunter and warrior.

Belik – This halfling porter is tidy, impeccably well-dressed and gracious to the guests of the lodge.

Cilas Graydon The Margrave of Sturnidae, this retired military commander was a close friend of the late Echtmoor Dravin, whose invitation was found by the party. The Margrave is indebted to the party for finding out what happened to Dravin. He plans on leaving in the next few days to Opava to recover his friend’s body.

Corvin Tergsvor A young nobleman from a very wealthy family, he spends his mornings sleeping, his afternoons hungover, and his evenings exploring bottles of absinthe.

Markiza Welgory This attractive but snobbish mid-40s noblewoman is here with her manservant, Ostovach.

Ruessa Webbe This plump, middle-aged woman is the head housekeeper and aunt to two early teen children, Bisthe and Vasoray, who work as chambermain and footman, respectively.

Paucy Troabs The dimwitted groundskeeper who has been accused of releasing the tarantula from the beast pens.

Madame Ivanja Known only by name, she is the Varisian head of the small brothel in the tower on the lodge grounds.

Ascanor Lodge

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