Carrion Crown by Kelly


Session Twenty-One

April 4, 2014

The group met the leader of the Prince’s Wolves, a varisian man named Rhakis Szadro. He was working to head off a larger civil war among the werewolf tribes of the Shudderwood and needed to stop the Demon Wolves from gaining the half of the remaining heart of Kvalca Sain. Some of his tribe were in pursuit of the Demon Wolves (who were chasing the Whispering Way), so he gave the group copper and brass buttons from his jacket, tokens of alliance that they could present to his tribe members.

On the road to Feldgrau two demon wolves had snuck up on the group and moved to attack the rear of the party. Malag put one to sleep and Arlad calmed the other, making a swift and easy escape possible.

A short resupply on the outskirts of Chastel and the move to Feldgrau continued. Near the war-torn wasteland of the Furrows, a single long-abandoned Farmhouse stood with an tall, oak tree out front. From a distance the party could see a humanoid form lying against the trunk of the tree. Cy moved in to investigate but the scene was a trap. A vine shot out of the branches and wrapped around his neck. The rest of the group were able to see through the illusion and attack the tree. Stephan rode forward bravely, but was quickly being choked by the vines. Unable to escape the grasp of the hangman tree, Cy was swallowed in the trunk. Malag’s lightning, however, was a show of power that the tree could not survive.

Toward the end of Barstoi’s forced occupation of Ardeal almost two decades ago, Count Aericnein Neska’s troops spent a night in the small town of Feldgrau. When they pulled out the next morning, they repaid the town for its hospitality by butchering its citizens and putting Felgrau to the torch. To this day the village is abandoned and considered best avoided by all.

Approaching the village, the group decided to sneak in quietly and investigate a few of the still-standing buildings. In the butcher shop they found a mixed group of opponents — two skeleton champions, a large undead beast called a menadoran festrog, and a cleric of Urgathoa. Cy attacked through the rear window while the others charged through the front door while under protection from Blodwin’s spells. While the skeletons got in a shot or two and the cleric was able to get off a few damaging spells, the battle was over quickly between Blodwin channels of energy and Cy’s gritty attacks. The worst of the damage fell on Blodwin, who was deafened by a spell from the cleric.

We ended the night here with many more buildings to explore.


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