Carrion Crown by Kelly

Opava and the Shudderwood

Brief (horribly brief) discussion of what happened on the road from Schloss Caromac to Ascanor Lodge. With the Beast, known lately as Fairweather, freed and staying at the Schloss with the Count, the group was asked by Judge Daramid to move on the trail of the Whispering Way and track them to the Shudderwood.

On the road there, they came across the village of Opava, which has been recently greatly harassed by a ghost on the road to the Shudderwood. This malevolent spirit was not new, it had been known for decades, but only recently did the attacks come frequently. Upon investigation and hearing the tragic tale known as The Tale of Illirio and Daphne the group investigated the burial grounds of the lover Illirio. There they found a group of bandits, the leader of whom had been possessed of a demon. The fight was challenging, but they put down the bandits and managed to put the ghost of Illirio to rest for good.

They also investigated a coven of witches nearby, who were not happy to see them but were mostly non-violent. With a farewell to the sun, they entered the depths of the infamous Shudderwood.

A day or so of travel brought them to the famed Ascanor Lodge, home of hunting in luxury. While at first barred entry, they joined the huntmaster, Delgros Kroitzcer, and a nobleman, Duristan Silvio Ariesir on a hunt for a werewolf. They there assisted in the killing of 3 dire boars that were feeding on the corpse of a stag. Degros departed back to the lodge while Duristan asked the group to stay the night with him in the woods in the hope of getting the chance to slay a werewolf.

Much to his joy and the groups displeasure, werewolves did indeed show up! They slayed a few of Duristan’s servents before giving this dire warning:

“Your false explanations are meaningless. Go tell whoever sent you to stay out of wolf affairs! Let him know that his dealings with Mathus Mordrinacht and the Silverhide pack do not sit well with the other tribes of this wood. There shall be much blood spilled between our kin before a Silverhide packlord sits upon Highthrone. Mathus the betrayer shall never claim the title, and should you and yours continue to support him, the wrath of the wolf packs shall fall upon him! Now leave our territory and return to your cozy wooden den, or share the fate of these poor little sheep!”

Returning post-haste to the lodge, the group was finally granted entry with the help of a letter of introduction from Judge Daramid and a found invitation from a traveler killed by the Opava bandits, Echtmoor Dravin.

They were given opulent rooms and freedom to wander the grounds. They were able to meet one more noble, a drunkard named Corvin Tergsvor, and through questioning they did find evidence that the Whispering Way had stayed at the lodge some time before. (needs more information!)


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